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Group Name: We log every day
Members: 0
Location: 70808

Goals: Lose that last 15-10 lbs and form sustainable habits to keep it off.

Profile: This group is formed to help lose the last 20 lbs and then form sustainable eating habits to keep the weight off. It is an active group where members log every day or agree to leave the group. Even if we mess up, we log at least something or log to say we are out of town etc.

Last posted: Wednesday, November 06, 2013, 4:01 PM

Other Info: Hazelynut formed this group because she is tired of groups that never log. She has found that when other members do not log, she feels less responsible to the group and then doesn't always log either!!! It becomes a cycle and no one logs!! So she formed this group that really will support eachother. :)

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