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Forty something, simplifying my lifestyle and refocusing my professional focus to care for a full-time invalid.

I'm 65 years old and have been physically active all my life. I was a competitive athlete in high school and college, then served in the Marine Corps where physical fitness was a way of life. The past year has been very challenging to my physical fitness program, however, as I worked out-of-town for 9 of the past 12 months. I had difficulty maintaining my diet and exercise as I was working long hours during the week then driving home on weekends. My current body weight has crept up closer to 160 pounds than the 155 pounds I would like to maintain as my maximum. I am currently (May 2007) working on getting back into my "best practices" for diet and exercise and reducing my weight to where it was a year ago.

I'm 33 and need to lose this extra weight. I don't care what the scale says! I live by how many inches I'm losing!

Pretty much a vegetarian ...because veggies taste the best to me. Occasionally, hunger presents itself for a steak, fish, or chicken....and I oblige. Happily married grandmother of 7. Mother of 2. Step Mom of 3. Doctorate in Education. Early Childhood Specialist in DISD school system. True Texan, live in Dallas w/hubby, 3 dogs: 2 little shizs and 1 Irish Terrier and a beautiful long haired Cabbit Manx Cat. Avid knitter, reader, and author of mystery stories and love to grow exotic orchids and other beautiful flowers!

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