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Group Name: Daily Accountability Posters
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Location: Beaverton, OR 97008


Profile: This is a group for ACTIVE DAILY POSTERS only! Please commit to posting on a daily basis if you join! I am working on multiple goals of weight loss, fitness, better dietary habits such as increasing my water intake as well as getting my home organized and decluttered. I hope to find others familiar with the concept of Master Minding or Co-coaching who will commit to posting VERY regularly. I hope others are familiar with FLYlady, Weight Watchers, Curves as well as Mind-Body connection themes because I hope to EXCHANGE ideas and tools from these and other sources. Although I oftenfind it hard to stick with things, I really want this to work, so please if you are a fellow FLAKY PERSON and you join, if you find yourself being FLAKY then drop out so others can jump in. I promise that if I miss more than 3 days in a row (unless I am sick or on vacation) I will drop out too! I call this the FLAKE-OUT pledge. Thanks!

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