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Group Name: Eat Right for Your Type O
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Location: Portland, OR 97202

Goals: My ultimate goal is to make positive change that will help me maintain a healthy lifestyle over the course of my life.

Profile: Based on the book, Eat Right for Your Blood Type. This group is for active posters, blood type O's who are following Dr, D'Adamo's plan. Our focus is to offer support, share experiences, exchange recipes and celebrate optimal health together. Please respect the intent of this group and only join if you are type O and following the book.

Last posted: Friday, May 05, 2006, 6:23 PM

Other Info: I am VERY excited to see this group added!! I have been following (with some fails) the ERYBT O diet for about 7 years. Initially, I lost 25 lbs. in just a few months. I have strayed some, but have tried to stay within the recommendations of this diet due to several food intolerances. I look forward to having support as I try to work toward better health and more strict maintenance of this diet.

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