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Group Name: South Beach Dieters
Members: 3
Location: anywhere, CA 92020

Goals: Just be healthier... and lose a little weight.

Profile: This is a group for people following or have tried the South Beach Diet, or who incorporate SBD into their diet strategy. Anyone is welcome!!

Last posted: Monday, July 07, 2014, 10:10 PM

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I work in a field that would benefit by my more slim body. So it would also help my career to lose weight. Also, I'm now (2014) 58years old and would like to have more energy and for the clothes to fit better. I gained 60 pound in 6 months in 1996, and it took me until 2009 to lose 35 of those pounds. From 6/11 to 4/2012, I regained 15 pounds, due to bad eating habits, and lack of energy. I fluctuate too much, and I know I'll never be "thin" , I do want to be healthier and have more energy.

I'm 61, married 28yrs to a very supportive husband who is about as wide as a pencil. We both grew up on farms and enjoy country living. I'm an avid horse person/rider who enjoys anything outdoors. Since retiring from FT to working 3 days a week I have been able to enjoy more gardening. This year I have plenty of containers and new flower beds because we did some major landscaping last year which required that I either put plants in containers or loose them. My hope is that I will use this site to loose weight and share info with other like minded people.

I'm 67, retired, was skinny as a child and young woman but then gradually gained weight in my 40s and 50s. Have lost 20 pounds over last 10 years, but really need to lose another 30 to be healthy. Sometimes I eat the wrong things for emotional reasons. Sometimes I overeat just because I'm not aware or not thinking.

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