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Group Name: Dancing in High Heels
Members: 0
Location: Oakland, CA 94609

Goals: 20-25lbs. Toned legs, back and arms Improved flexibility and posture

Profile: For sassy women who would like to lose weight and are not afraid to strut their stuff while they do it. This group is focused on how to appreciate and enjoy your body now as well as when it slims down; as opposed to waiting for the "newer, skinnier you" to celebrate. Put your dancing shoes on and kiss the blues away (along with the extra weight.) Salsa:: Tango:: Ballroom:: Bedroom (aheem ...aka erotic or burlesque. You don't need an audience. I do it alone in the privacy of my own home -- it's a great way to improve strength and tone up.) Who's with me?

Last posted: Sunday, January 08, 2006, 8:42 PM

Other Info: If there are any local folks interested in group lessons or going out to a club to practice,contact me!

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