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Group Name: Commit to a 3 months challenge.
Members: 3
Location: Anywhere, HI 96786

Goals: Weekly Goals: Angie - Going to the gym 5x/wk Cristina - 210 minutes of exercise (preferably through cardio, but not necessarily) in! Charmaine - sticking to a healthy diet and exercising 5x/wk. karen- trying to lose 24 pounds by the end of summer workout 5-6 x wk

Profile: July is around the corner. Join to be committed to a 3 months challenge. Let us in on your goal for this challenge and we'll motivate and support each other along the way. At the end, we'll all come out winners!

Last posted: Sunday, July 13, 2014, 11:19 PM

Other Info: Change: You are what you repeatedly do. If you continue to do what you are doing, you will get the same results. But if you change your behaviors and consistently practice them, you will get new results. Change is a wonderful opportunity for self-discovery and self-renewal.

Members profiles:
I have tried a lot of exercise programs from P90x to wii nfl ea sports, boot camp, running, unfortunately I go in spruts, would like support.

I am pretty much a straightforward type of person and I only have myself to blame for my current weight. I have been overindulgent I have been making unhealthy food/drink choices and have gained in the past few years. I want to reverse this trend now in my 30's .

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