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Group Name: sanity not vanity
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Location: , TX 75757

Goals: to support each other and to find fun and creative ways to reach our own personal goals. to help each other focus if we are having a bad day and help each other remember : This is for our HEALTH our looks are just a plus !!!!

Profile: I'd like this to be a group of women (men are welcome too ) who are losing weight the sane way not the vain way. yeah we all have our reason that we want to look hotter but the most important is that WE WILL FEEL GREAT !!! so if you are already confident in how you look and are doing this to get HEALTHY and the plus side is looking better then come on in and lets get to know each other. *side note* this group is aimed at the ones that need to lose 75 + lbs.

Last posted: Tuesday, May 23, 2006, 10:44 PM

Other Info: when you join please tell us a little about yourself other than just weightloss goals also I'd like to have little challenges withiin our group for motiviation and accountability so you need to be a frequent poster

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