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Group Name: Asian Outcasts
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Location: Seattle, WA 98105


Profile: This group is for Asians trying to lose weight. It's no fun to be overweight. It's especially no fun to be Asian and overweight, especially when society expects us to be dainty little geisha girls. Asian women are stereotyped as being "petite" but many of us are the "biggest" cousin in our family. Many of us have a critical family member who will feed our face one day, and criticize our chubby legs the next day. We experienced akward shopping trips in Asian boutique stores, only to be chastsized for not being a size zero. We try and watch what we eat, while we try to find room for our decadent soul food. Join us in supporting one another here on PEERtrainer. We are Asian Outcasts!

Last posted: Monday, September 04, 2006, 11:12 PM

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