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Group Name: Hold your Horses!
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Location: Sunny Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Goals: The goals for this group are to help each other stay on track and not hate the idea of doing the work it takes to shed the weight we all are packing on. Let's face it, you wouldn't be here if you didn't want to shed at least a few pounds. It can be fun! It can be a good experience! You can meet new friends, learn new techniques and enjoy the process FOR ONCE!

Profile: Are you a horse person that finds you just can't quite get the "posting" back into your trot? Well I am! I love to ride but can barely drag myself up into the saddle, I can just imagine how my poor (swayback) horse must feel! In this group, I would like to encourage open talk, humore and fun mixed in with a good dose of butt-kicking determination to get back over those fences and plant it down right in the perfect lope! Boy would that feel nice again. C'mon and join up and we'll do it together, one pound at a time. I have some great ideas that I am learning from PT and LA Weight Loss that I am more than willing to share.

Last posted: Tuesday, October 25, 2005, 10:26 AM

Other Info: Right now, I am recovering from a serious back injury and I have strict instructions from my Dr. that I am not to pick up a apple picker, shovel, hay flake, spray bottle, bell boot and especially important, NO FEET IN STIRRUPS! He has said that he will personal hang me from the highest tree if he finds out that I have been sneaking in rides when no one is looking. It's really hard and depressing. He doesn't even want me to walk them on the lead. All I can do is watch them at turn out and give them carrots, which they are DIGGING by the way! I have 2.5 more months to go before I am cleared to start "basic" riding again and then I have to start training my back muscles all over again. wo-hoo. Well, at least it is getting shorter and the weather is getting nicer so that is one major bonus for me to look forward to!

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