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Profile: I don't know about you, but I find the individuals with a measly 10-15 pounds to loose really annoying. No matter how difficult they say their situation is, it is NOTHING compared to the amount of effort, motivation, and will it takes to lose 100+ pounds.///// That said, such weight loss can be done. Beyond the regular mantra one hears about exercise and diet, I think that motivation and support play a far more important role. I initially had a 150 pounds to loose, but what helped me lose the first 12 pounds in a mere month (the smart way, I might add) was not because some diet book said my weight was a health risk -- it was because I set the goal that if I lost 12 pounds, I would get a pedicure for the first time. That right, a damn pedicure (though to be fair, it WAS a delicious 1.5 hour pedicure from Spa Del Lago in Seattle) :)///// My experience got me thinking however -- how much easier and more excited could I become about losing weight if I met (online or in person) with others who are in the same boat? I mean--not many people know what it's like to loose a lot of weight--so how good would it be to meet individuals to share war stories, good and bad news, weight loss goals, and gain support for this life altering task we are all embarking on?///// So that's why I am creating this group. I'm interested in seeing if there are any others out there with 50, 75, 100, or more than 100 pounds to loose. I want to see if you would be interested in sharing our goals online via this forum, and--if in the Seattle area--meeting up once a week to chat at a local coffee or smoothie joint and to perhaps--if we really gel--partake in mutual weight loss reward activities (such as kayaking with cool would that be?!).///// I'm in this for the long haul and I'd love to go through this transformation with similar-minded and situated people. If anything I wrote sounds appealing to you, please join :)///// My best, Tish

Last posted: Friday, March 24, 2006, 4:04 AM

Other Info: If you are in the Seattle area and would be interested in meeting once a week as well, please e-mail me at

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