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Group Name: Triangle Trim and Fit
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Location: Yulee, FL 32097

Goals: To loose weight, tighten up the muscle structure I have and add some additional pounds of muscle along the way. I'm looking to drop at least 30/40 pounds. Start eating a healthier way, and set a good example for my son.

Profile: I just started dieting again about 10 days ago, and thus far have dropped eight pounds. Although, the weekend has been difficult to stay on task. My goal is to continue to drop over the holidays, making it only easier once the multiple parties are over. I've focused on working out M/W/F at work during lunch, starting Whey Protein Shakes for breakfast and taking a good portion of Amino Acids before and after working out. I've got a co-worker that I workout with, and have asked some expert opinions of those with Sports Medicine/Nutrition backgrounds. I'm very well read on Nutrition, Diet and Physical Exercise. Now, I just need to focus on the application of my education.

Last posted: Thursday, January 05, 2006, 12:23 PM

Other Info: Purchased a Swiss ball, and that has really helped my workouts. I use it for much of my ab and "core" muscle development. As told by someone with a Sports Medicine backgroud, using the swiss ball for core muscle work will cut my development time in half. What ever I can do in 6 months can now be done in 3 using the swiss ball. I really feel it with my abs and core muscle groups.

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