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Group Name: Schlepp over the finish line... BUT FINISH!
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Location: San Diego, CA 92103


Profile: The "BIG" goal is to compete in a Sprint Triathlon (3.5 mile walk/run) 1/2 mile swim 12 mile bike ride... and THE ONLY thing that's keeping any of us from doing that is DOUBT... so I DON'T CARE if I finish LAST, I'm GOING to FINISH... and THEN... I will be able to HONESTLY SAY I'm a Triathlete ;) I'm overweight... but I can change that. I'm GETTING OLDER (but aren't we all?) so if you'd like to join me in COMPLETING a Sprint Triathlon here in San Diego (or anywhere) just let me know!

Last posted: Wednesday, September 14, 2005, 2:28 PM

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