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Group Name: Follow the Weight Watchers System27
Members: 4
Location: Anywhere 00000

Goals: If you are looking to follow Weight Watchers Online, this is the group for you!

Profile: This is a group that is here to help you learn and understand the basics of the Weight Watchers system. Nothing beats going to a WW meeting, but if you can't, don't want to etc-- please join us and we will help you get started. It is a good tool to have in your overall weight loss arsenal!

Last posted: Monday, May 24, 2010, 11:45 PM

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I'm 28/f, married, no kids. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

28 year old schoolteacher, no children, looking to lose weight for health and aesthetic reasons.

I enjoy food way to much. Some of my intrests include DIY projects around the house, sewing, cards, and when I get the chance going out for drinks and dancing. I would really love to learn how to ball room dance, countrystep, hip hop, salsa, and swing.

I am a SAHM of 2 little boys. I tend to put my own needs on the back burner. I love to eat healthy and workout but its hard with three boys in the house who aren't the greatest eaters. I never have the time to work out so that is a bummer for me. Hopefully soon things will slow down here and I can take the time to better myself.

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