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Profile: A support, accountability and discussion group for participants of the blogging weight loss girls, Future MILFs as hosted at Mom-O-Matic, once you join please post a comment in the discussion area for the team letting us know what blog you're from so we can identify eachother and know who we're supporting! :)

Last posted: Tuesday, April 21, 2015, 12:47 PM

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I'm M'Lynn. I blog over at We Had To Have The Pudding for participation in the Future MILF's group. I work on an as needed basis for a medical device company. My former career was working as an OR nurse. I have a beautiful fifteen month old daughter who is the light of the world to me.

I am 45 and have a 25 year old son at FSU. I also have 2 step daughters: Lexi, 25 and Chelsea 21. Lexi has given my husband and I 2 beautiful grandsons: Austin,2 and Hayden 10 months. I have a golden retriever named Sadie that I walk daily and I love to blog and craft and quilt and make dolls! I belong to 2 local quilt guilds and used to weave baskets and do art shows.

Blogger. Work outside home married mom to two special needs kids. High stress and lack of control (or caring) is what brought me here - a weight I've not seen outside of pregnancy.

I am 21 years old with a 5 month old daughter. I am currently going to school to get my bachelor's in nursing, so I am ALWAYS BUSY! I have always been thin....5"2' and anywhere from 97-102 lbs. I gained about 50 lbs with my daughter and now I am left at 117 lbs. I need to lose about 12 lbs. by spring! I want to change my whole lifestyle; healthy eating, exercise, etc and I need motivation!

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