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Group Name: LOSE 100 POUNDS36
Members: 4
Location: Schenectady, NY 12304

Goals: To lose 50 pounds and then another 50!!

Profile: Hey do you want or need to lose around 100 pounds? Lets share and motivate each other. This is a hard road to travel. Let's do this together.

Last posted: Tuesday, March 28, 2017, 12:57 PM

Other Info: I am 51 and need to lose 100 pounds. I have high blood pressure and am at risk for a heart attack and stroke - neither of which I want! I am looking for support and encouragement.

Members profiles:
Work at home editor, with a very sedentary job. Trying to learn to like exercise! :-)

30 year old, single female fresh out of grad school. I put on weight throughout grad school...lack of sleep and good nutrition (that snack at 4am to get me through etc) probably! I'm looking to get healthy, not just lose weight.

41, single female. Been overweight most of my life. Ready to finally take charge of my life & find the real me that has been hidden under all the weight.

I been overweight all my life, even while in the military i had to be taped to stayed in it, and after i left the Army and married things went got worse. The weight is holding me down, low confidence, can't get my dream job, dusty wardrobe, and most importantly its starting to affect my health. I will loose 100 pounds and you are my witness.

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