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Group Name: Teens for Greens
Members: 4
Location: , PA anywhere


Profile: Teens needing to lose major weight (20 or more lbs) and doing so by eating veggies!

Last posted: Tuesday, March 22, 2011, 11:53 PM

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14 yrs old, 153lbs, 5'4"

I am 14 and a Freshman at Perry Central High

i love to read, and i LOVE music!

I am a sophomore in high school and i used to be fit and strong i got a black belt in Teaknowdo and i have gone down hill from there i no longer can do the same thing i used to do. I also have but eating a lot of junk and i haven't been exercising regularly. So i want to become fit toned and lose any unwanted fat i have.

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