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Group Name: Team Boston4
Members: 4
Location: Boston, MA 02114


Profile: Team for members in the greater Boston area.

Last posted: Wednesday, October 26, 2016, 1:12 PM

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Live and work in Cambridge... two teens living with me... do lots of rowing on machine... need to get back on water one of these days... also tennis and biking... perpetual optimist!

Diagnosed with celiac disease about a year ago (no wheat/gluten products) put on some weight while I was healing and need to get back to my 135 - 138 ideal feel good weight

Im 47, currently working as a pediatric nurse, also a teacher and a coach My highest weight was last year in June - 305 Currently 262

Married male, 38, two kids (another on the way). I'm in Sales, the sole financial provider which means long hours. Weekends are the toughest because of the foods/snacks young kids eat. My wife and I are social, so food / alcohol are a big part of recreation.

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