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Group Name: FIT AS A FIDDLE2
Members: 4
Location: ANYWHERE, FL 32220

Goals: our goals are to get fit ,fiesty and full of vigor.we will hold our heads high when we slip and we will help each other up when we are down.REMEMBER ATTITUDE IS WHERE WE BEGIN.


Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 1:16 AM

Other Info: We welcome anyone that is sincere about changing old habits.Diet is not a nice word so lets think of something more lasting such as lfe style change. ATTITUDE:MOST OF OUR HAPPINESS OR MISERY DEPENDS ON OUR DISPOSITION AND NOT ON OUR CIRCUMSTANCES.THIS IS MY MOTTO AND I HOPE IT WILL BE YOURS ALSO

Members profiles:
42 years old. Married for 22years, with 3 kids aged 21,19,17. I am originally from Sheffield in England and moved to Ontario, Canada in 1983.

I'm 16 years old, and 125 lbs at 5'3. Yes, I am fully aware I'm not fat, but that doesn't mean I'm healthy. I torment myself constantly because I'm not as skinny as other girls, and as someone who aspires to be in the hollywood industry, weight matters. I have poor eating habits and I'm afraid that if I continue along this path without help I could end up getting obese when I get older. I think now is the time to get in shape, tone my muscles, eat right, and live happily without mental torment.

Mother, wife and friend. I work in a high school library part time at the moment, and am thinking about re-training as a teacher. I am 43 and have struggled with my weight for years.

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