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Last posted: Saturday, March 26, 2011, 10:56 PM

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Hey Everyone! My name is Penny and I'll be 49 on January 16. I'm co-owner of a house-flipping business. I do "some" of the work on the houses (which I enjoy!). I get the fun part...picking out paint, carpet, new lighting, tile, faucets...all the fun stuff! I also do the bulk of the finer tile work. I do some floors but my specialty is kitchens and baths. Love it! For the most part, though my job is to find great deals on "fixer-uppers". It's almost a full-time job! I do lots of marketing and research and this is where I still get to use my 'skills' as a former freelance writer. It's exciting scouting for houses and negotiating deals. I work with people from all walks of life - from first-time home buyers to real estate developers. I feel very fortunate to love my work and not have a boss (other than Uncle Sam who makes me do things I'd rather not just to save on taxes!) Friends would call me ambitous and driven but always laid back and a good listener. I was a late bloomer....didn't go to college until I was 30. It was a proud day to graduate on Mother's Day as a single mom, 34 years old with my 13 year old daugther in the audience.

I'm 5'6" and have a stent in my heart, plus high B/P and Type 2 diabetes which is diet controlled. I have always been atheletic all my life, and walked at least two miles a day plus aerobics and even kick boxing. Then I quit smoking and gained 50 pounds that I just can't get to budge. I started cardiac rehab last week, and that's the only exercise I'm getting right now as the doctors have had me taking it slow for so long. Because I'm frustrated which causes me to be stressed ,I over eat. I have bought every diet book there is, but they haven't helped much. By the way did I say I'm 70 years old. Yes, I weigh 215, but am very solid. You see I have always been active and didn't even get a drivers license til I was 50, because I love to walk so much. And I am also a widow now, and that doesn't help, because I don't cook healthy meals as I should, because I don't like to cook for one or eat alone. So It's easier to eat out or grab an unhealthy sandwich and some chips with a couple of cookies for dessert. I need some help and motivation to stick to the low fat, low calorie, and low sugar diet I'm supposed to be on. So that is why I want to join your group. I've tried everything else, but I just can't stop eating when I've had my share of portions. So, I am also an overeater. So I ask: HELP PLEASE!!!!

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