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Group Name: Preparing for pregnancy
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Location: anywhere, IL 02446

Goals: To keep ourselves informed about healthy approaches to preparing ourselves for conception and pregnancy, and looking after ourselves during pregnancy To share information and support one another to get as healthy as we can be prior to conception and to stay healthy during our pregnancies To eat in a healthy 'baby friendly' way to ensure the right balance of nutrients To exercise in a 'baby friendly' way to provide our baby with the best start in life, do what we can to minimise problems during pregnancy and birthing, and to avoid excessive weight gain during pregnancy To support one another to lose the 'baby fat' in a realistic and healthy way after the births To have fun doing all this!

Profile: Are you planning to start trying or already trying for a baby? Are you already pregnant? You want to make sure you're doing what you need to do so that your body is as healthy as it can be at this critical time? You are interested in being informed about healthy eating and exercise for pregnancy? You also want to ensure that you don't add an unhealthy amount of weight during your pregnancy. Maybe youve already lost weight and you accept there will be weight gain during pregnancy, but you don't want to lose too much ground given all your hard work so far. If you are also committed to logging and posting regularly (while you can) then this is the group for you. This group is for those who are normally regular loggers and posters.

Last posted: Friday, February 05, 2016, 1:33 AM

Other Info: We have probably already lost some weight, and have worked hard to do that. Yes, we want to have healthy happy babies, and give them every chance for the best possible start in life. Part of this means eating healthy and exercising at a safe level leading up to and during the pregnancy. We want to have our healthy habits well and truely ingrained before we get pregnant/during our pregnancies. Importantly, for ourselves and for the health of our babies - we want to ensure that we don't gain excessive weight during pregnancy. Now is the time ladies! Lets support one another, and have fun doing it. This is an exciting and special time for us - won't it be fun to share it with one another, with of course the added benefit of ensuring that post pregnancy we 'return' to our pre-pregnancy shape, and continue to work towards our lean and lovely goals. Pregnancy is a normal part of a woman's life - it does not mean we put aside our visions for a lean future, quite the reverse, at this time it's more important than ever. Come join us on this wonderful part of our journey.

Members profiles:
I'm 42 and 5ft 4in and had my first baby on 30 Oct 2010 and my second on 31 October 2013. My lifelong goal is to continuously improve my physical, mental, and spiritual shape. This goal is intertwined with my desire to give my family the best years of my life.. Through this journey, I am going to focus on building cardio fitness, meditation, flexibility, and strength. I really love doing fitness challenges. It helps me focus even if I don't always meet my goal.

I'm 32, 5'6" tall, married May 1, 2010. As the years have gone on, I've noticed my weight slip up and up over time. Now I want to just get back to a comfortable weight where I feel confident about myself and work on toning.

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