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Group Name: iVillage 2007 Community Challenge9
Members: 3
Location: anywher 00000

Goals: Support, camraderie, sharing diet advice, being helpful to each other.

Profile: This is a logging and motivation team for people following the iVillage 2007 Community Challenge. We read Jess each day, and keep accountable to ourselves here.

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 1:56 AM

Other Info: Lets Get This Team Started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Members profiles:
I am a mother of two, a three year old and a seven month old. I teach Special Education. I have a wonderful family and a husband who is completely supportive, and thinks I look great the way I am. I want to lose this way so I feel healther and look better.

I am 49, married for 29 years, and look forward to turning 50 looking thinner and healthier.

52 yrs old, working Mom, 2 kids in college. I am on the road constantly for work. Making healthy choices is difficult when you eat out all the time!

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