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Group Name: Weekly Weigh In, Daily Accountability43
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Location: Anywhere 00000

Goals: 1) For each team member feel motivated and supported, each day. 2) Daily logging of food, points and exercise--this is the foundation of long term weight loss success, and developing this habit is a goal. 3) Weekly checks of progress. 4) Have Fun!! We are an active and motivating bunch. h

Profile: Team for people following weight watchers and any other program who would like to "weigh in" each week. Daily journling will keep you accountable to yourself, and the group will keep you supported and motivated. When you log your food and exercise, you are 70% more likely to meet your goals. It is highly effective, and the group interaction makes it fun. We will be organizing weekly challenges, and otherwise have fun with each other!

Last posted: Friday, January 29, 2016, 11:56 AM

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I'm a 35 year old attorney who is being healed from PCOS, hypothyroid, fibromyalgia, and CFS. I have had hormonal issues in the past that caused me to gain lots of weight, but I am currently undergoing a holistic-based approach to heal my body completely and the weight is melting off as my body seeks to reach its perfect weight. I now have the energy to work out every day, have little or no pain, and feel amazing!! (I'm calling things that are not as though they are. I try to live by that)

I am a 24 year old grad student who has a major problem with stress eating. I work and go to school full time so making time to workout can be an issue. I have lost weight before, but the pressure of graduate school put me right back to where I started. Besides that, I love reading (from serious to trash), writing when I have the time, music, and I am addicted to my cell phone!

college student about to graduate, get married, and start Masters program in community counseling.

I'm a 35 year old computer teacher in a fantastic public school in Philadelphia. I recently moved to Philadelphia from Berkeley CA and find everything less healthy here. It influences me to eat too much and drink too much and exercise too little. I'm about 25 pounds more than I'd like. I think we'll be moving soon so I hope with this and the move I'll be back to an acceptable weight.

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