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Group Name: iVillage 2007 Community Challenge1
Members: 4
Location: anywher 00000

Goals: Support, camraderie, sharing diet advice, being helpful to each other.

Profile: This is a logging and motivation team for people following the iVillage 2007 Community Challenge. We read Jess each day, and keep accountable to ourselves here.

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 1:56 AM

Other Info: Lets Get This Team Started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Members profiles:
I've lost almost 30 pounds. ******UPDATE - I've lost almost 40 pounds! 165 to 126. Took almost 3 years. *** Feel free to read my daily notes for tips on using this site, and for other helpful ideas to help you with your weightloss and fitness journey. Let me know your thoughts!

I am a 36 yr old mom to 4 girls. I would like to lose 40lbs. I work part time (30 hrs) for an Insurance Company

Mom of 3 wonderful, active and athletic boys - ages 11, 14 and 16. Adjunct Professor at local community college. Spend lots of time cheering my kids as they play baseball, basketball, football, soccer or run track on vafrious teams. Need to find ways to spend time preparing healthy meals for a family often on the go! I do like to exercise and running is my exercise of choice as it is easy and can be done without any equipment except sneakers!

I am 37 (ugh) years old, Married to a wonderful DH, Mother of 2 VERY active kids. Dominic 7 & Bella 6. I am lucky to work from home so that I can raise my kids. the Down fall Is that I teach people easy recipes (not usually lowfat) and I am WEAK!! We live in Michigan and I just got a treadmill for christmas. I am commited to lose wieght for GOOD!!!

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