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Group Name: iVillage 2007 Community Challenge
Members: 4
Location: anywher 00000

Goals: Support, camraderie, sharing diet advice, being helpful to each other.

Profile: This is a logging and motivation team for people following the iVillage 2007 Community Challenge. We read Jess each day, and keep accountable to ourselves here.

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 1:56 AM

Other Info: Lets Get This Team Started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Members profiles:
I am a homemaker, and I have a lot of alone time. I am 38, live in NYC and have no children.

31 year old mom of 4 girls, nursing student, warm weather you will find me outside..doing what ever. in the cooler weather, ugh...i just dont do cold weather. if fact i dont even own snow boots or my own winter coat because i just plain hate cold weather.

31 year old who is fed up of wanting to lose weight her entire life! 20lbs is the reality of what I have to lose. Heading to a new country in April and want to leave the excess behind. Need support on keeping momentum, not giving up, and truly loving the body I have.

I'm 22, a full time student who also advises the local high school's yearbook. I weight 220 lbs and know that is beyond unhealthy. It's time to take charge and fix the problem!

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