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Group Name: Weight Watchers Points, Camraderie68
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Location: anywhere 00000

Goals: weight watchers program


Last posted: Saturday, January 23, 2010, 9:01 AM

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I am 37 years old single parent and grandmother to one adorable grandson. I am currently a Correctional Officer but plan to attend Truck Driving school in March of 2007.

I have been married 25 years this February (13th). I have two kids, 21 and 16. I work as an Autistic Paraprofessional at a nearby elementary school. I LOVE working with kids and work at mainstreaming autistic students into a mainstream classroom. I have always had a problem with weight. Even as a little girl I wanted to be thinner than I was, I felt so fat. I am now 5'2 and 175 pounds. My left knee is buckling under all of this weight and giving me lots of problems. I will be making a sincere committment starting Jan 1, 2007 to get this weight off for good. I can and will do it this time through eating less and exercising more.

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