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Group Name: Follow the Weight Watchers System24
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Goals: If you are looking to follow Weight Watchers Online, this is the group for you!

Profile: This is a group that is here to help you learn and understand the basics of the Weight Watchers system. Nothing beats going to a WW meeting, but if you can't, don't want to etc-- please join us and we will help you get started. It is a good tool to have in your overall weight loss arsenal!

Last posted: Monday, May 24, 2010, 11:45 PM

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I have always been overweight. I'd like to come up with some clever excuse like I'm extraordinarily big boned, or that I have a thyroid condition, but neither are true. I grew up in a house full of "eaters". We didn't have much, but we always had an abundance of food; the bad stuff. We had mountains of macaroni and mashed potatos and very rarely a fresh veggie. It wasn't until I went through homelessness that I lost a bunch of weight. Not eating, (which is not ever recommended), is not good for you. I was about 350lbs at my heaviest. Now I'm past homelessness and in a secure job with a better life. My life is in order, my finances are on track, now I have to get my body in line.

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