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Group Name: Men with a Mission21
Members: 4
Location: Anywhere, DC 20878

Goals: Men who want to get back into fighting shape. Maybe you need to lose a few pounds, cut out some (or many) bad habits. Maybe you are now a dad and need to be better role model. Whatever it is, we will band together. And have some fun.

Profile: This is a team for men getting healthy, getting into shape, and meeting their goals.

Last posted: Thursday, October 07, 2010, 8:18 PM

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Members profiles:
32 year fella from texas that move to Arkansas and then moved to DC. I was in pretty good shape when I was a little younger. I hated being thin but I liked a haviing a little extra weight on my body. I used to be very active, swimming, karate, gymnastic, lifting, the whole nine. School started stressing me out, got depressed, lost the Umpph then picked it up again and came to DC and BAM. Work life took over more than health.

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