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Group Name: ToTheTop
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Location: Decatur, GA 30033


Profile: 50 lbs at the least. I know it can happen! I believe it can happen! Are you ready? Come join us! Lets Go!

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 2:00 AM

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I am a FT working mom of two children 12 & 3yrs old. I can barely find a time for myself, but I am trying to start a routine of walking around the neighborhood as much as I can.

I am a 23yo 276lbs student/researcher. I've been fat all my life. In college I gained 65lbs topping out at 310lbs on a 5'4" frame. I lost 25lbs on the Atkins. I'm determined to lose at least 100lbs. By the grace of God I haven't be diaginosed with any serious health problems and I'm not going to wait until that happens to start doing something about it.

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