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Group Name: Healthy Eating for CFS and Fibromyalgia
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Profile: This is a group for people who want to gain some control over their illness by eating healthier, avoiding problem foods, and losing weight. These disorders have a myriad of issues that all create stress on the body. The stress oftentimes triggers overproduction of the stress hormone cortisol, causing a chain reaction of other hormone imbalances which can in turn make it hard to maintain a healthy weight. In addition, it reduces the body's ability to use the B vitamins, especially B6, which in turn can cause and even exacerbate the symptoms we all live with day-to-day. This group is to help focus on helping the body rebalance itself. It doesn't cure the disorder, but it goes a long way to helping increase the ability to function and decrease pain and fatigue. I've got some ideas that have worked for me in the past (I have trouble following through, so I've relapsed... I intend to change that! ) Let's hear what works for you too and maybe we can support each other in taking charge of our illness and our lives!

Last posted: Wednesday, December 06, 2006, 2:48 PM

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