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Group Name: Elle's team10
Members: 4
Location: omaha, NE 10023

Goals: swim suit fit

Profile: i'm trying to do this an di hope it works

Last posted: Saturday, March 26, 2011, 10:56 PM

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Since I'm pretty tall at 5'9", it's easy to gain weight before realizing. I need to stay motivated and focused and not be afraid to get on the scale every morning.

44 year old woman, living with boyfriend. Thin most of my life. Have gained 10 pounds in last year and a half. Living with bf makes low calorie eating difficult -- he has chocolate at all times. Tired of not being able to wear my regular clothes. Have heard that if you buy the next size clothing, you just grow into it. Want my body back!

I'm 24 years old, about 5ft 6 and as a result of illness recently gained a lot of weight. I've managed to lose about half of it now but am really struggling with this last little bit. I'm fairly active but find it hard not to eat the same food as my (skinny) partner which probably doesn't do me any favours. Oh, I live in the UK :)

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