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Profile: Would you be motivated by a little friendly competition? If yes, please join the challenge! . . . Each day you can earn a maximum of 30 points: Cardio workout = 5 pts / Strength training or flexibilty/stretching workout = 5 pts / Healthy breakfast = 2 pts / Healthy lunch = 2 pts / Healthy snack(s) = 2 pts / Healthy dinner = 2 pts / Drink water = 2 pts / Stay on meal plan all day = 10 pts. . . . Who can earn the most points each day? week? month?

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 1:15 AM

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I'm a 23-year old student, in my fifth year of a secondary music education degree. Currently I'm a live-in nanny for five children, until Christmas when it's back to school for my final semester. My fiance is extremely active and positive about my goals (above), and I enjoy a wide variety of sports, from racquetball to rockclimbing, to cross country running (though it's been too long since I ran more than 2 miles without feeling like I was going to die...). I'm so READY to get started and tone up/increase my endurance while shedding the few pounds I need to, to look and feel great on my wedding day! I hope your guy's support/sharing will be just the little push I need. :)

I am an event planner for a non-profit organization. I love my job, I love my life but I hate my body. I would like to change that so I can love my body too and come full circle!

I am 24 years old, college student majoring in Health Information Management. This will be my last semester in college. I used to be in good shape, but with school I began working out less and less. I also think that I eat more under stress. So during finals I end up eating everything. I gained almost 20 pounds with in the last year and a half. Now I realize that my eating habits have to change in order for me to be healthy and look great.

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