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Group Name: Looking hot for your 10 year reunion - 2007
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Profile: Anyone looking to lose weight or tone up before their 10 year high school reunion next year (2007).

Last posted: Saturday, June 09, 2007, 5:51 AM

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I'm 27 years old and a wife and mommy to a 6 year old boy named Gabrael and my daughter Marina is 2 years and 2 months. I am a registered dental assistant. I just recently lost my brother 1 year ago and my mother on 8/17/07. When I lost my brother at first I couldn't eat, now I am finding that eating is very comforting. Right now I am trying to avoid comfort eating and really want to get back into exercising more so to be healthy. I 'll be damned to leave my kids feeling the way I feel without a mother. So I am looking to lose a few and/ or maintain where I'm at. I hope I can find other's out there as well. I have already lost 50 lbs.

I am a 27 y/o (recently) single female that is 5'5" and 168lbs. I work full-time and attend law school @ night which leaves me very little time for exercise or meal preparation, and makes it way too easy to stop @ a fast food restaurant on the way to school. The stress also causes me to make bad food choices and the studying keeps me from getting a substantial amount of sleep/rest!

I am 27 years old,have been married for 10 years and have one child.About 4 years ago I lost around 40 pounds from my pregnancy but have gained that and more back.I am a stay at home mom so the times I am at home alone are the hardest but I am dedicated and am excited to have started back eating healthier and exercisign.I am 5'1" and as of right now weigh 172.

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