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Group Name: Democrats Unite!1
Members: 4
Location: Anytown, DC 20500


Profile: Lose the weight...Lose the Republicans! This group is for anyone who wants to kick butt losing weight and kick Republican butt out of Washington. We did in '06 - now we are looking to '08!

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 1:55 AM

Other Info: The purpose of this forum is to make a wonderful community where we can come together, bond and inspire each to do better each day -- and HAVE FUN doing it!

Members profiles:
I'm a 26 yo woman in Seattle. I work in politics and have a pretty busy job where I usually sit on my duff all day long.

I'm 26, and currently working to finish my PhD. I play competitive volleyball and love to run and work out, so exercise is generally not my problem. However, with the stress of grad school I find myself overwhelmed and making poor choices about how much I should put in my mouth. As I go through this last year of grad school I want to take back my life in terms of controlling my eating but really my stress level in general.

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