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Group Name: The Power of Three
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Profile: A team based on forming new habits: pick three things each month to focus on and change.

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 1:30 AM

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- Lost 60 pounds, stopped smoking, slowly gained 30. Sound familiar? - Have a tendency to binge when the going gets tough: only too much is enough. - Love all food, but find sweet foods the hardest to ignore. - Have gone from being complete computer-potato to fairly active person. Need to kick it up a notch or two: hope this program helps.

36 years old, married, two cats, no kids. Frustrated with a lot of things at the moment, and have deiced on tackling two things I should have some control over: me and my weight.

I'm a teacher and find keeping to a good fitness/healthy eating regime during the school year to be a challenge. Summers have traditionally been for "getting back to normal" - but this year, I want to make changes that I can keep up all year round. My husband and I are also travel buffs AND foodies, which adds to the challenge.

I am an artist,designer and teacher who grew up in Seattle and moved to the country a couple of years ago to fulfill a lifelong dream of having horses. I'd say my inability to stabilize my weight over the years is a big "Achilles Heel" that I want to finally overcome in a healthy manner.

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