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Group Name: My boyfriend inhales pizza in front of me support group.
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Location: Edmonton 90210

Goals: My goals are to losse 80 pounds by this time next year! Or at least a hell of alot closer than i am now! Daily goals! 1. to do my scheduled exercises everyday 2. EAT properly, follow my plan! 3. Don't give in to temptation, even though you think its okay! Cause its not!

Profile: Do you dig your loyal boyf's, but sturggle dealing with the pressure of his bad habits as you try and change your lifestyle? Need to fight temptation when he wants to take you to Red Robin for the third fourth this week? Do you want to smack him in the nards when he eats chocolate covered peanuts on the couch next to you when he knows that you're trying to be good? This be the group for you.

Last posted: Monday, December 10, 2007, 12:24 PM

Other Info: I'm 20 years old and weigh in at 230lbs! I started out at 260lbs! Really i don't have any support in my house cause my boyfriend doesn't have a weight problem, and says... "just dont eat it!" its that easy apparently! And I'm mainly looking for some inspiration, and motivation to do this, because i can't seem to find it on my own! I'm a nanny, of two children, 2 and 5! And its a great job, but im constantly making food and snacks and its hard to stay away from the bad ones! although i do have some willpower, to not eat junk food! thats about it for now! good luck to me... and to my group!

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