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Group Name: October 1st Challenge
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Location: Anywhere, NC 27613

Goals: I would like to drop 2 pants sizes by the summer and I would like to increase my energy so I can do more things with my 6 year old son.

Profile: I'm turning 46 at the end of January. Until I had my last child at 39, I never had a weight problem. I have not stood on a scale for 2 years because I don't want to know the truth but now I guess I should so I can track my weight loss. I have 2 children in college and my 3rd child is 6 years old and with me. I work alot both in the office and after hours at home on the computer. I am a work aholic for sure. I need a support group to help me lose the weight so I can feel good about myself and to be able to wear the clothes in my closet again.

Last posted: Friday, January 26, 2007, 7:57 AM

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