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Group Name: Fit and active women in Seattle
Members: 0
Location: Seattle, WA 98121

Goals: Our team goal is to motivate each other to acheive our individual goals. Team members must take an active role in posting including reading and commenting on other members' postings.

Profile: *Active women posters in Seattle only* This is a fun group for 20 & 30 something women in Seattle that are active posters and interested in losing those few extra pounds, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, working out and motivating each other. Ideally people that are interested in meeting offline to bike, workout, go for walks etc. Sometimes it takes more than words...

Last posted: Friday, December 16, 2005, 1:48 AM

Other Info: I wouldn't mind trying some good-spiritied competitions and games to try and get each other out of funks.

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