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Group Name: Biggest Loser Fans - Fall 20061
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Profile: For those of us who love the show and find inspiration in it! Join us to discuss the show and have our own weekly weigh-ins!

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 1:43 AM

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Well i used to run cross-country competitive in HS but when i started college i stop running due to an injury. i started the whole collge ordeal: party, drinking eating junk food etc. which mess up my metabolism

I am a 45 year old. I have 4 sons my oldest is 27, the second is 25, the twins are now 13 years. I am a career women and I have just started back to school to get my Bachelor's degree. What has motivated me to start loseing weight is I went to the doctor for my physical and was told my colestorol was very high I was put on a medication for that and that time a light went on and I told myself when I left the doctor's office I had to really do something about my weight and stick to it. I always read women world and look for new diets to try and this is where I found this web site. This is why I'm here.

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