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Group Name: ACC Aerobics Northridge4
Members: 4
Location: Austin, TX 78704


Profile: let's all motivate each other to get fit this semester!

Last posted: Tuesday, January 30, 2007, 11:00 AM

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I'm a Mother, student, and a Realtor by occupation, so like everyone else, I hardly have the time to work out for fun or any other reason for that matter. I've never really needed to workout to lose weight or stay in shape... maybe I got lucky from my Father's genes... but on that same token, he also passed away from ongoing heart-related health problems. I think aerobics is a good place to start to improve my cardiovascular health.

I'm 26 and have made the choice to go back to school. I have only cats and a boyfriend.

My name is Brittany Norris. I am a 20yr old fulltime student at ACC/transferred from Southern University in Baton Rouge after Katrina. I also work fulltime at Abbott. Last December i was blessed to give birth to my beautiful baby girl Kianna. Along with my blessing i gained 80lbs. I like to work out but i dont like doing it alone. Being a single parent its hard to get out an work out and work and school

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