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Group Name: ACC Aerobics Riverside1
Members: 3
Location: austin, TX 78701


Profile: to work as a group getting fit together!

Last posted: Monday, December 18, 2006, 5:51 PM

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I am going to ACC through December to finish prerequisites. In January I will apply to the Sonography/Ultrasound program. I Iook forward to giving and receiving support while we meet our goals.

I'm 23 years old have always been active in sports until recent years and now im not so active with my busy life and love for food any and all kinds especially southern comfort foods now my weight has crept up on me and i have reached an all-time high and decided i needed to change my lifestyle and become healthier

I'm 18, and I have never really commit to an excersise routine. I have never taken a excersise class, but so far, aerobics has been fun.

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