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Group Name: Team St Louis
Members: 4
Location: St Louis, MO 63146

Goals: This format is highly effective for losing weight. It is like a weight watchers meeting, but online, anonymous, free and every day. Please sign up and join us.

Profile: This is a local, online and free weight loss support group for people in the St. Louis area. Meet online, in person, dinners-- what ever you want, this is team to join if you are socially inclined! Also, if you are not in the area, but stumble upon this group on the internet, PEERtrainer is free to join, and has groups and teams all over the country.

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 12:10 AM

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24 years old, married to the best man in the whole wide universe

I am a 29 year old married, mom of two girls ages 6yrs and 7 months old. After having my last daughter I am tipping the scales at 300. Before I got pregnant with my first daughter I weighed 180 and at graduation from high school I was 150. My doctor says if I don't start losing weight I am borderline diabetic.

27y/o married female. Step mom of a 9yr old - my husband and I have full custody. Full time plus ER nurse. Desperate to loose weight and to get pregnant.

23 yr old college student at UMSL. Love to run w/ my dog Marley! Also, love to go out and have fun and drink high calorie drinks :)

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