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Group Name: Geeks3
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Profile: A group for all geeks who want to lose some weight, find a healthier lifestyle or even something else!

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 1:57 AM

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Korean in South Africa, married, 28, QA manager. Hoping to lose the last 8-9kgs. Height: 1.62 cm. Goal weight: 52kg. Starting weight: 58kg

All I do is work, watch anime, read manga, play video games, and surf the Interweb. So not terribly active. Been working on it though.

Never was tiny, but I was fit through my late teens into my mid-20's. I was muscular, 135 lbs. on a 5'4" frame. Office work and a few relocations disrupted my once-loyal gym regimen. I gained 45 lbs., but I also lost muscle tone. Every year I have sworn to get back in shape, but now that I'm 30 it will probably be harder. Enough is enough...This is the year!

I am 47-years-old. I have two podcasts--I never thought that I would ever get people to listen to me but it's really fun and I am getting more listeners all the time, who'd a thunk? I also have mad Photoshop skills and work in a photo lab. I have two beautiful and brilliant daughters--one in college and one in middle school and a sweetheart of a husband who is the perfect man for me. I also perform in a local Rocky Horror cast as Dr. Frank-n-furter, Riff Raff or Magenta (our cast obviously isn't screen-accurate).

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