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Group Name: Chicks on the move--fried or baked
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Location: Falls Church, VA 22042


Profile: We are determined to lose between 10-60 pounds,,,ugh. Believe it or not, we work in a recreation center and are moderately active but love to eat!! We are not very good role models for our clientele and are determined to change that around!!

Last posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 1:42 AM

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Have always been atheltic playing softball, baskteball in Hs and College. I actually still play on womens teams but need to lose some serious weignt. I am very social and love to drink...and am not willing to quit completely.

I am 29 married with 2 children (8 girl and 7 boy). I had both of my children a year a part, and gained 50 pounds with both pregnancies. I was able to lose all the weight after they were born, but I have always been a bigger boned girl. I have type 1 diabetis and take too much insulin becasue I am overweight.

I used to run track and cross country in college. Since college I have realized that running is a dangerous sport. So I decided to do triathlons. I have however, moved on since I don't have the ability to train for 3 sports. Recently I have taken up rowing. Now I am on track with a sport I love. Only thing left to do is get my body back into the shape I love.

I am 32 years old and married to a dear husband. We both run our own businesses and spare time is a luxury. Exercise is something done in the evening after dinner. I do meet with a personal trainer twice a week to do weight training but it is up to me to fit the cardio in my schedule.

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