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Group Name: Philly Weight Loss1
Members: 4
Location: Philadelphia, PA 19147


Profile: Lose 30-50 lbs. and exchange recipes,and support fpr each other.

Last posted: Friday, February 05, 2016, 1:56 PM

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I'm 22 and just starting my senior year of college. I used to be a competitive soccer player, but after a serious injury 2 years ago, I've been unable to do any contact sports or high-impact exercise. I was used to being able to eat basically whatever I wanted, so because of the lack of exercise (and keeping the same eating habits), I gained about 40 pounds. So basically I'm just trying to get back into shape at least somewhat, and in the process lose some weight!

I am 37 year old mom of a teenager. I am currently not working and I have the time to work out and eat healthy. We recently moved to this area. I am currently doing my masters

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