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Group Name: Natural/Whole Food Eaters14
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Profile: Trying to get off the processed foods, eliminating MSG, nitrates, hydrogenated oils and fats from diet. Want to incorporate eating good carbs and fats and eating more whole, natural foods.

Last posted: Tuesday, June 29, 2010, 3:18 PM

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I'm 46, female, single, hetero-sexual, European-American, creative, honest, joyful, loving, fearful, grateful, busy... on the path to enlightenment (through yoga, internal growth, sacred ceremony, practice, et cetera).... work as a personal assistant and coach (vegetarian chef, organizer....) I tend to spend alot of time helping others... I am changing that and making time and appreciation for myself.

I'm 36 years old and love natural/whole foods. It's been easy for me to eat (mostly- ;P) healthy since I became a vegetarian over 10 years ago. Unfortunately, the workout part still eludes me. :( I've finally committed to riding my bike and walking my puppy for exercise. And so far, so good! I heard that it's better to be overweight and exercise than to be skinny and not guess I'm finally committing to be truly healthy and strong this time and not get bored or lazy!! The lifestyle of eating right comes so I'm now working on the exercising part!

I'm an American married to an Aussie and living downunder. 43 years old, no kids, one dog. Most of my family is overweight so I'm pretty careful. Lost about 25 kgs (50 lbs) 13 years ago and have fluctuated over the years, but have maintained a good weight the last couple of years. I primarily eat a lowfat vegan diet and try to, at least, walk regularly, if not run.

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