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Group Name: let's go
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Location: morris, MN 56267


Profile: I need to lose a minimum of 100 lbs. I have two great boys 9 and 7. My wife has seperated from me. I exercise and I am active in the community. I need to change my habits now. They say it is best to share your journey with others. I am looking for three other people who want to change and need someone to share their struggles in order to succeed.

Last posted: Monday, January 29, 2018, 9:35 AM

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I am quite active but I eat a lot when I get stressed, which happens a lot in my situation.

I have lost and gained a lot of weight over the years, especially when I had my two children. My youngest is 3 years old now, and I need to lose this last chunk of weight to get back to a place where my clothes fit well and I feel good.

I'm a college student trying to obtain a healthy body and a lifelong healthy lifestyle.I know it only gets harder to change mindsets and lose weight when you get older. I have a free gym and a cafeteria with whatever I want to eat (sometimes a bad thing) so I figure now is the best time with the least amount of obstacles to lose weight. I just have to get out of my own way now. THAT'S the hard part.

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