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Group Name: Eating "Real" Food
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Profile: This group is for anyone tired of the processed food, fast food and junk food isles in the grocery stores way of life. It is getting back to a healthy real whole foods life style.

Last posted: Tuesday, October 03, 2017, 8:58 AM

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I live in NC, moved here six years ago and love the Raleigh area. I'm a retired respiratory therapist, I love to read, the computer, have a passion for cooking, setting the table, friends for lunch/dinner, cookie baking and also something non food related, , hand painting and embossing note cards.

Late 50's, married, 2 grown children, very active, but have gained/lost/gained back/lost much of adult life. Would like to somehow develop the discipline to lose and stay there. Emot'l eater. Also have long work days with long commute which doesn't help the situation. But....lost 15 pounds last winter with PT and have recently gained much back. Want to drop it again, and hopefully stay there.

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