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Group Name: LOSE 100 POUNDS11
Members: 4
Location: Schenectady, NY 12304

Goals: To lose 50 pounds and then another 50!!

Profile: Hey do you want or need to lose around 100 pounds? Lets share and motivate each other. This is a hard road to travel. Let's do this together.

Last posted: Tuesday, March 28, 2017, 12:57 PM

Other Info: I am 51 and need to lose 100 pounds. I have high blood pressure and am at risk for a heart attack and stroke - neither of which I want! I am looking for support and encouragement.

Members profiles:
Married, have 2 children 10 and 4. Work part time. Not alot of time to myself. Want something (diet) to finally work!!

I've made promises to myself and am determined to keep them. Back in school at 27 and the next thing on my list is losing 90 pounds. I've recently taken up cycling and realized that it's harder to skip a workout when you truly enjoy what you're doing. No more treadmills and sweaty gyms for me (weather permitting, heh)! I am on my way to enjoying life once again, and hope to find some positive people with similar goals to share this new outlook with! 256 no more!! I'm gonna kick (and get rid of) butt! ;)

Mommy to 2 high energy beautiful boys and sick of being too fat to enjoy them properly.

I feel like I'm addicted to food. I think about it so much. I wish I wasn't like that, wish instead I was "oh, how about that, I forgot to eat lunch" as opposed to "is it too early to start eating lunch yet?"

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