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Group Name: 20 below3
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Location: Anywhere, WA 99336


Profile: Your losing the last 20 pounds or less & can see your goal in sight! You just need the help & support of others in the same boat to keep up your momentum. This is the last time you are going to lose these same pounds. Must be commited to yourself by logging everyday & to the team by daily encouragement and posting of comments. Let's reach our goals together, then start a new team in the maintence phase!

Last posted: Wednesday, November 15, 2006, 3:01 PM

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I'm a college student, and recently I lost 30 pounds but I gained 12 back!!! I was in a crazy diet and I would exercise TOOO much. I want to get beck in to the weight I lost eating healthier and without obsessing...

I'm 27 year old female who is semi active. I am a dental assistant for a general practice in north portland and love my job. I ride my bike to work and try to be out and about when the weather is nice. I love the outdoors but also enjoy the night life from time to time. I have a wonderful boyfriend who is willing to help me (he works out 4-5 times a week), but we have different goals and style. People say I'm super nice and easy going. I'm hoping to find a good group with like goals and can kick me int butt if needed.

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